Top romance songs for your Valentine’s Day playlist

Valentine’s Day just got a little more romantic

Kathleen DeJesus, Arts & Culture Writer

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner the one thing that you need to do is have the proper mood set. Don’t worry since this list will help you create the perfect playlist for Valentine’s Day.

Starting with the latest song, “Something About You” by Eyedress & Dent May has taken over. The lead vocalists’ whisper singing that harmonizes sweetly with the guitar adds a cozy sense of intimacy that is difficult to replicate. The lyrics are not overly complicated which emphasizes the sweetness of simplicity; it gets to the point and makes you feel like the main character in a cheesy rom-com.

In the first few seconds of the track “Honey,” by Kehlani, the rich blend of Kehlani’s voice and the acoustic guitar creates a warm environment. Although the acoustic guitar is noticeable, Kehlani’s voice is masterfully used as an instrument. Just like her, the lyrics are charming and endearing. The playful demeanor of the words are reminiscent of a warm summer day so even when the cold February winds come in this song keeps you toasty.

By far the most upbeat song, “Crush” by Duckwrth is an instant mood booster. It exudes an aura of confidence and teasing, reminiscent of the beginnings of an actual crush. It keeps you on your toes anticipating the next step; it’s fun instrumentals mixed in with the cocky lyrics creates a perfect will they won’t they scenario. “Crush” is definitely a first date song because it’s fun and romantic but it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

A classic staple of the R&B genre, Neyo amps up the romance with “Because of You.” Even after 12 years, this song’s longevity is still intact. Neyo’s timeless voice and instrumentals sets up a loving tone. The lyrics are suave and perfectly describe that part in a relationship where your lover takes up all your thoughts. You can never get enough love with this song, it keeps you listening on repeat.

Often used as a term of endearment in Spanish, “Cariño” means darling. The song “Cariño” by the Marìas is the epitome of love and endearment. The track’s vocals are dreamy and offer a rose tinted sound. The lyrics are caring and doting, resembling a love letter. Although the track is predominantly in Spanish it’s something that is communicated through language barriers. Even without understanding the lyrics it’s clear that the song is a bold declaration of love.

Next up, we have “Computer Luv” by Ravyn Lenae. This being the first song I’ve heard of Lenae, the song left me in shock. Her angelic voice really shines throughout the track and the chorus is bound to stay in your mind. Lenae’s voice is then amplified with Steve Lacy’s subtle vocals which ties the song together. Ranting about a long distance relationship, Lenae sings of her excitement to see her partner which can be felt throughout the song. Her entire discography is phenomenal but “Computer Luv” is the catchiest and most relatable to those in long distance relationships.

If you aren’t into anything serious for Valentine’s Day, “Love Affair” by UMI is your go-to track. The song depicts UMI’s search for a fun time and hoping that what she feels is enough. The song highlights liking but not truly loving someone which is a common occurrence, especially for young people. It’s good to not take things so seriously and just enjoy the moment.

Almost everyone and their mother knows “Thinkin Bout You” by Frank Ocean, a testament to the song’s likability. It takes on a more calm tone but the romance is just as vibrant as the other songs. Frank’s lyrics about planning out forever, the catchiness of the track and its tranquility are the main reasons that this song is so prevalent in all Valentine’s Day playlists.

The song “Commitment” by LunaLuna narrates how suddenly one falls in love and in turn faces commitment. The lyrics and tone of the song seem anxious but content, mirroring the emotions that come along with loving someone. It’s a laid back track that can only be described as confetti as it spreads joy all around.

Lastly, debuting in the “Princess and The Frog” album, “Never Knew I Needed” by NeYo captured the hearts of many. In the song NeYo beautifully sings about how love can erupt from unexpected places. The instrumentals sound like they belong in a Disney princesses wedding and Ne Yo’s heavenly voice elevates this song from a playlist must have to a wedding track. The lyrics are endearing and depict the advancement of a lasting relationship.

Overall love is a delightful thing that should be cherished. Even if you are on your own Valentine this year, these songs can get anyone in the loving spirit.