Valentine’s Date ideas

Get creative this Valentine’s Day with some new ideas to spice things up

Maya Martin, Arts & Culture Editor

If you are trying to come up with a last-minute Valentine’s date idea, look no further! The Holly Spirit is here to help and bring you the best date ideas for anything from a romantic night with your significant other to a fun Valentine’s day hang out with your friends!

Stay in!

A simple way to have some holiday fun while staying cozy and even saving money is just staying home. There are plenty of options for an at-home-date-night. If you are spending the day with a significant other, you could cook a fancy dinner and set up the kitchen like a restaurant instead of dishing out money to some overcrowded restaurant that hiked up the price for the night. A bonus to add to the night could be some dimmed lighting and romantic candles. After, watch a movie or just spend some quality time together! If you’re planning on spending the evening with friends, you can do just the same! Or, you can have a game night full of festivities and fun.

Go on a Romantic Drive

There are so many fun places to visit and quality time together on a romantic drive. You and your significant other can drive to different places where you shared special moments together, for example, the place where you first kissed, the place you first met, where you first made it official, etc. A trip down memory lane can be very endearing and perfect for the night- not to mention you could stop for some ice cream during the trip as well! If you are just with friends, just drive around and let the night take you where you may- just have fun! It’s a holiday after all.

Make a scavenger hunt for your boo

Instead of giving gifts, why not spice it up, and make your partner find the gifts with a set of clues. If you are staying in, hide the gifts throughout the house and have your partner search with them with a set of clues. It is a ton of fun and will definitely be more exciting than just giving your gifts. If you want something even more interactive, plan the scavenger hunt around your town in different places hidden, so you have to drive around together searching. It will add some mystery and excitement to your night, surely something unforgettable!

Have a photoshoot 

If it’s just you and your partner, whether you are going out or staying in, taking some cute Valentine’s day photos should definitely be on the to-do list. Going out to eat in fancy outfits could make for great photos and staying in with comfy clothes, all snuggled up makes for a homey and special photoshoot. If you are with friends, it should be your mission to take some stunning, in your face, crazy cool photos. Make everyone on your Instagram feed wish they were out on Valentine’s Day with you!

All jokes aside, no matter how you chose to spend your Valentine’s day, at least do something that is special to you. Many people choose not to celebrate because they find it a waste of money or businesses trying to take your money. Even so, the true meaning of Valentine’s Day is love, so share that love with friends, family, or significant others by doing something you normally don’t. Have a fun day no matter who with and try out one of these fun date ideas!