RAWN: the flash mob

Following the RAWN flash mob on February 4, the Holly Spirit reached out to the relaunch team to gain insight into the event

RAWN relaunch team members dancing in the cafeteria during the flash mob

Dr. Maniglia

RAWN relaunch team members dancing in the cafeteria during the flash mob

You may have seen the RAWN Relaunch Flash Mob in the cafeteria or old auditorium on February 4 — they were hard to miss! The Holly Spirit caught up with senior Deaglan McClenahan, a member of the Relaunch team, to chat about her experience so far.

Note: this transcript has been edited and condensed for publication purposes.


Firstly, for underclassmen to understand, I joined because my freshman year I sat in the stands and watched RAWN, not really getting to partake in the various events. I heard a lot of people speak highly of their experiences from RAWN because they were involved. For example, Shadrach Ogunsola talked about his experiences as a captain and a lot of things behind the scenes. Thus, I wanted to be a part of that because this is something so unique to our school, and I really want to make it a big impactful memory for everyone. Enter the flash mob. 

A flash mob is when a bunch of people get together in a public space and start dancing out of nowhere. It is supposed to confuse and grab everyone’s attention and the message we wanted to make was letting the school know that: “Hey RAWN, is coming back, and we’re doing it a lot different than years past and it’s going to be unique, crazy, and we will make a fool out of ourselves.” 

Initially, this was an idea from Devon Creelman, in October when we started to sketch out the timeline for RAWN and what it’d look like this year. We figured it would be a great way to gain momentum on the hype around an event that is so unique to our high school. So, Creelman and senior Joshua Oludoyi took the lead on the project. We had night practices about once a week for a couple of months leading up, and we started it in December. We choreographed, practiced, and truly put a lot of time and effort into it.

It was a great experience, from having Spiderman making a cameo to having people from lunches join in to dance, as it was the first time Red and White Night has done a flash mob.