Influencer Emma Chamberlain flexes her podcast muscles with a new show

The social media/Internet star’s newest gig, “Anything Goes,” is honest and engaging

Emily Haber, Arts & Culture Writer

Internet personality Emma Chamberlain’s podcast,“Anything Goes,” has an episode made for everyone. The podcast is raw and relatable while also being motivational. She discusses her experiences with various topics while also giving her fans advice by answering their questions posted on Twitter. This podcast will make you laugh, cry and smile.

This however, isn’t Chamberlain’s first podcast. She launched her first podcast, “Stupid Genius,” which was very successful, but it didn’t fit her anymore.

“I feel like I kind of needed an upgrade,” Chamberlain said of her new rebranded podcast. “I like podcasting, but [with] ‘Stupid Genius’ I feel like I kind of outgrew it in a sense. So I’m going be starting a new podcast with a different name and all that.”

In her old podcast, Chamberlain answered science-based questions, but  “Anything Goes” is a podcast that displays her true conversational colors.

Chamberlain releases new episodes every Thursday, ranging from thirty minutes to an hour. I listen to her podcast while driving or cleaning my room. The episodes are never boring and very engaging to listen to. Chamberlain is a funny storyteller and overall it is a pretty light-hearted podcast.

Although Chamberlain is young, she is able to connect with both teenage girls and even adults. One of her first episodes was called “social media.” Despite her status as an influencer, she talked about the importance of taking a break from social media and devices as well. I found her discussion of this topic particularly honest and interesting, because social media is what brought her to fame. 

I also appreciate her episodes about topics such as “high school,” “healthy relationships” and “friendships.” She is able to take basic, everyday topics and infuse them with more meaning and significance beyond surface-level experiences. Chamberlain answers the questions that fans tweet her at the end of every episode about the specific topic. 

I love how her podcasts are so raw; it almost feels as if you are having a conversation with her.

I like how she doesn’t sugarcoat topics either, making her genuine and candid. She addresses mental health issues in a few of her episodes and understands the challenges and struggles. I enjoy her “advice sessions,” in which she gives advice about various topics and reads random questions from listeners. Her last, “advice session #14,” discussed how to not be overwhelmed in situations and the struggles of social anxiety. The advice sessions range from answering light-hearted to even serious questions. It is very impressive that many of the episodes in her podcast are upbeat, while in others, she is able to change into a serious tone. 

I have listened to every episode of her podcast, including her newest episode, “stepping out of your comfort zone.” In this episode Chamberlain describes her fears and describes why it is hard to do things you are not used to. I love how her podcasts are so raw; it almost feels as if you are having a conversation with her, which is something I think a lot of people our age would appreciate. I look forward to each Thursday when her episodes come out, and I highly recommend giving them a listen.