“Uncharted”: an A-List cast for a D-list movie

“Uncharted” provides fans with a new Tom Holland movie, but can it hold up to the rest of his more significant projects?

Tra'sean Nichols, Arts & Culture Writer

A treasure hunt.

A movie describable in three words followed the generic plot of an action-packed field hunt for lost treasurer.

The movie “Uncharted” takes this storyline, throws in Tom Holland and a cast of A-list actors and puts it on the big screen. Premiering on February 18, fans rushed to see what was supposed to be the next and upcoming major film in Holland’s career.

The film follows the main character Nathan Drake, played by Holland, and Victor Sullivan, played by Mark Walhberg, as they search for the fortune lost by the House Of Moncada over 500 years ago. As they navigate through complex traps and riddles, they run into several people who are also racing to get their hands on the gold. Whether they choose to team up or fight, the tensions between Drake, Sullivan and the other characters are incredibly high. The fight for life and death propels the movie’s plot, showing just how far the characters will go to achieve their goal.

Uncharted received a 40% review from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Top Critic, Jake Wilson, stated the following of the film: “It’s all mildly amusing, mildly exciting and entirely routine, just as you might expect from a director such as the reliably faceless Ruben Fleischer [Venom], who manages to go from one hit to the next without ever showing any particular talent.” Other critics follow the same lines as Wilson’s critique. This movie could not fulfill the high ambition that worldwide treasure hunt films have. Overall it left a mediocre impact among the critics.

Despite failing to impress the critics with its storyline, the film possessed an array of striking images. The benefits of using the world as your set was that the directors could capture breathtaking shots.

However, I agree with the critics’ low rating. The movie had much more potential with the cast and budget and it was the fault of the director. When you put a director like Ruben Fleischer, who only knows how to play it safe, you aren’t going to get anything new, fresh or entertaining.

Overall, “Uncharted” was a decent movie. If you are out looking for a movie to watch with friends or family, this could be a sufficient option, but chances are there is something better in the theaters to watch.