RAWN: the recap

Following this year’s RAWN, The Holly Spirit reached out to students and staff to gain insight into their perspective on the night


Dr. Maniglia

The Relaunch Team holding hands as they wait to find out who won RAWN

Andre Dominic Faigal, Student Life Writer

All of the events leading up to Red and White Night from tutorial, graderoom events, poster painting, skits, donations, and more–it all came down to one night. Students from both teams dressed in their respective colors from head to toe, judges wore their spirited tees, and decorative posters lined the gym walls. This is one of the biggest nights at RV–Red and White Night–and the energy from the student body and staff were overflowing the gym. It was unique from other RAWNs because of the dead period in between, due to the pandemic, and the sight of the student body gathered in the gym was momentous. 

The relaunch team, advisors, and students came together to create a special night that seniors missed and all underclassmen have yet to experience. Even though the white team came out on top, it was an inclusive environment and allowed students to be themselves under the same roof. Red and White Night embodies what Rancocas Valley is from, diversity, school spirit, to a huge community. 

Holly Spirit had the opportunity to see the reactions from a variety of perspectives. Firstly, like most seniors, Chris Rooney commented, “this is something that I missed and I am glad that the Relaunch team did a phenomenal job, I can’t wait to see what happens in the future”. 

Versus underclassman like Devon Parsons, that has yet to see what RAWN is truly like, says, “honestly, I’m so glad I went to RAWN, I was not expecting too much at first but after seeing how things started off and how much people were hyping all the activities, it got me excited for what is to come next year”. 

While teachers and advisors such as Mrs. Jennifer Rosenthal said, “We sold about 1,000 t-shirts for the event. I think Red and White Night went extremely well! It was so great to see the staff and students coming together to compete again after missing Red and White Night for the past two years!” 

And with white team ending the tie, the tradition will carry on for future RV students and staff.