Eighth Grade Parent Night returns to RV

2022’s incoming freshman get their first look into what RV has to offer



Seniors Rashan Addison and Josh Oludoyi, members of the Black Student Union, meet with incoming freshmen families

Mikaela Bennett, News Writer

Rancocas Valley held an open house for the incoming class of 2026 to ease the transition into high school last Wednesday night. The open house presented the process of choosing electives, navigating the buildings, learning block scheduling and even seeing unfamiliar faces, all of which are anxieties that come with starting as a freshman at RV.  

Current eighth graders from each sending district were invited to come and explore what clubs or sports they might be interested in getting involved in, as well as exploring the halls of RV to get familiar with them. Performances by the dance team, chamber choir and marching band were held in the PAC to give the students more of an idea of what clubs they might be interested in joining. 

When asked what she’s looking forward to in high school, Chloe Glover, an incoming freshman from Westhampton, said, “The independence. In middle school, you aren’t allowed to go many places and there’s not a lot of electives or anything like that, but here at RV, it’s so much larger and more open.”

The switch from a small, enclosed middle school to a large and diverse high school can be intimidating to those just starting out. Additionally, the vast quantity of clubs and electives can be quite overwhelming to students and even their parents. 

Shauna White, a parent attending Eighth Grade Parent night, was concerned about the size of the school.

“I’m a little nervous because I’m new to the area,” she said. “The school is a lot bigger than what I’m used to seeing, so I think the size is a little nerve racking.”

Five sending districts squeezed into one building is a lot to think about for the incoming freshman, but it opens of possibilities for new friendships and bonds throughout the four years spent at the school. 

“Where I come from, it’s mostly just one group of people,” White said. “I wanted the diversity, so I like the fact that they have different groups and she can be introduced to different nationalities and races.” 

RV’s open house might not solve all of the anxieties running through the incoming freshman’s minds, but it brings a welcoming feeling and allows the class of 2026 to become more familiar with the halls they will be walking for the next four years.