The Oscars 2022: a year surrounded by numerous groundbreaking moments

On March 27 the Oscars were held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood and opened the door for many actors and actresses on and off the screen


Photo courtesy of (Breanna Carr)

The film “Coda” won Best Picture and Best Actor, awarding actor Tony Kotsur his first Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

Roman Pallotto, Arts & Culture Writer

The Oscars this year featured various moments that made social media go wild. For the first time ever, a male deaf actor, Troy Kotsur, won an Oscar for his supporting role in the film “Coda.” This not only opened up the door for more opportunities for Kotsur himself in the acting industry, but also for deaf actors all over the country who are seeking any kind of recognition.

 “I think Kotsur’s win opened up a new path for other actors who face challenges because it’s a great example for them to motivate themselves to continue their work instead of often being put down for their disabilities,” said junior Zachary Lawrence of the historical win. 

For the best original song category both Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas O’Connell won their first Oscar for the song “No Time to Die.” This category was highly competitive as Eilish had to beat out Beyoncé and Lin Manuel Miranda to win. Before winning this award the siblings performed the song in front of the crowd offering a stunning performance for this night. 

Another performance that occurred that night was the cast of “Encanto”; member of the cast performed the hit “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and added a whole other verse for rapper Megan Thee Stallion. This added verse was met with some criticism, because some felt that it was out of place. On the television screen it seemed as though Megan appeared out of nowhere and just started rapping, which changed the whole vibe of the song. The performance seemed to confuse more than it entertained.

The night also featured a live choir and a tribute to remember the legendary actors and actresses who have recently lost their lives. Betty White, Stephen Sondheim, Sidney Poitier and many others were remembered for their contributions to the film industry. Without their work the film industry would not be anything like it is today. 

Lastly, actress Ariana DeBose won her first Oscar for her supporting role in “West Side Story.” DeBose marked that this was the first win in acting for an openly queer woman of color. 

The highlight from the night, however, came from actor Will Smith, who won his first Oscar for his role in the film “King Richard.” This film highlighted the father figure in the Williams daughters’ lives. However, his win sparked controversy following his assault of comedian Chris Rock prior to accepting his award. At the ceremony, Smith walked on stage and slapped Chris Rock over a comment Rock made about his wife. Many believe Smith should face repercussions for his actions but some appreciate Smith for standing up for his wife.

“I admire his ability to stand up for his wife, so I think that he has the right to keep his award because all he was doing was defending his loved one,” said Lawrence.

The Oscars broke down many barriers this year for the wins of such a diverse group of people. Hopefully all of America and the world will see this trend continue on for years to come.