Does season two of “Bridgerton” live up to the hype?

The steamy period drama is back for season two, with mixed results


Photo courtesy of Netflix

The cast of Netflix’s season two of “Bridgerton”

Maria Hickman, Managing Editor

Dearest gentle reader, I hope this article finds you well as news has spread of the newest season of the popular Netflix show, “Bridgerton.”

I really hope that you read that in a British accent to really get the effect of Lady Whistledown I was going for.

However, much like the popular gossip writer in the show, I am here to tell you what you need to know about season two of “Bridgerton” which was released on March 25.

In the show each season follows a different Bridgerton child, the first season focused on the fourth oldest child Daphne while this season focused on the eldest Anthony. We watch the main character of the season grow as a person and eventually fall in love. However, as the characters fall in love there is sex and nudity, so viewer discretion is advised.

In this season we see a closer look into the life of Anthony, played by Jonathan Bailey, who is also the viscount of his family since his father died years prior. During this social season, he decided it was time to settle down and find a wife to continue his family name, but this is where problems arise. Anthony has a very specific list of what he wants in a wife and no one can meet his high standards. That is until sisters Kate and Edwina Sharma, played by Simone Ashely and Charithra Chandran, come into the picture. Edwina wants a husband and Kate is set on finding her sister a perfect match. When Edwina is named the diamond of the season by Queen Charlotte, played by Golda Rosheuvel, Anthony wants her much to the displeasure of her sister Kate. This leads to lots of arguments between Anthony and Kate where you can definitely see sparks flying. 

“I felt great about the new season I was so happy,” said senior (and huge fan of the show) Francesca Loiseau.  

People who watched this season really appreciated the fact that the two female leads were of Indian descent. The show has never been afraid to go against what was normal for the time, by having people of color in high positions in society. Queen Charlotte is Black and so are Lady Danbury and Duke Simon, who is Daphne’s love interest in the first season. It is really important for men and women of different races to see themselves represented on the screen as beautiful and desired for who they are, and not have opinions of their race define them.

This season also continues with the popular gossip writer Lady Whistledown, voiced by none other than the great Julie Andrews. Since the reveal of who Lady Whistledown truly is in the last episode of season one, we get to see an inside look of how this character is able to pull off keeping a secret identity. This leads to interesting twists and turns in the story and this character’s reasoning behind why they do what they do. For all of you who have not seen the show I will not be giving away Lady Whistledown identity and if you want to find out more then you will have to watch the show.

One element in the show that the writers seem to have forgotten about is one of the Bridgerton children. Lady Bridgerton has eight children whose names all correspond to the letters of the alphabet, starting with A for Anthony, then B for Benedict and so on until her last child H for Hyacinth. However anytime the family is all together one child is always missing: F for Francesca, played by Ruby Stokes. Francesca can be seen in the first episode of season two, but from then on she is nowhere to be found whenever all of the Bridgertons are together. Whether it is an oversight by the production team, or purposeful to show how one child is always neglected, many people who have watched the show find it funny how she is always forgotten.

Even though the new season has gotten a lot of praise, for some it did not meet their expectations. Many thought that it moved too slow and took too long for Anthony and Kate to get together. Others said it simply did not live up to what the first season was.

“I think this season met my expectations but fell a little short,” said Loiseau. “I thought there was too much enemies with Kate and Anthony I would have liked to have seen more of them happy.”

I also would have liked to see more scenes in which Kate and Anthony are happily together.

Overall the new season of “Bridgerton” did not disappoint and it is a show I would recommend for anyone to watch. The chemistry and the enemies to lovers romance this season truly made it interesting. I was constantly yelling at the screen for them to just admit they had feelings for each other. The show really immerses viewers into this world and gets them to care for all the characters, not just the main leads. And for all you “Bridgerton” fans and soon to be fans, you do not have to worry about if another season is coming. It has been confirmed that the show will return for not only season three, but also a fourth season.