Harry Styles’ new single is another crowd pleaser

The former One Direction band member continue to stretch his artistic legs with a new single


Photo courtesy of npr.org

Harry Styles in an interview with National Public Radio

Kathleen DeJesus, Arts & Culture Writer

Harry Style’s new single, As it Was, has been received with stellar feedback since it was released on March 31. With over 54 million views on YouTube and reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Global 200, the song has taken over everywhere.

The addictive tune starts out with the endearing voice of Styles’ goddaughter Ruby Winston, which segues into the instrumentals. As the song starts the sound carries a somber feel, the lyrics amplifying the sense of being held back and burdened. Although framed as getting over a relationship the song is about Styles’ transformation into the person he is today.

“The song is about metamorphosis, embracing change and former self, perspective shift and all that kind of stuff,” Styles said in an interview with Audacy last month. “It just felt like the thing I wanted to say, the thing I wanted to be doing and the kind of music I wanted to make coming back.”

With this revelation the song picks up a cheery sound as Styles becomes free from his previous burden. The lyrics remain similar to the beginning but the upbeat synths work to mask the sadness. Being one of his most anticipated releases he was able to sample a bit of authenticity that is expected from the album.

Sharing his truth seems to be the prominent theme of the upcoming album Harry’s House, he reported to the radio station “iHeartRadio” in April.

“I think over the last couple years and stuff, you know with the forced pause that happened for a long time for all of us,” he said. “I think I had a lot of time to think about and work out who I was away from music and get a little more comfortable with it. I think that allowed me to make this album from a very liberated place.”

Even with these explanations, fans are still circulating rumors that the song is based on his romance with actress Olivia Wilde especially with lines such as “Leave America, two kids follow her,” leaving fans to speculate.

Above all the rumors though is what this latest hit and album mean to Styles. Throughout the pandemic each artist these past few years have expressed themselves and now its Styles’ turn to speak of his struggles and triumphs.

Like the majority of the globe, I too am obsessed with the song. The synth that mimics an 80’s sound brings in a layer of warmth to a song of isolation which only furthers the message of self change or metamorphosis. The chorus is a simple ear worm that never gets tiring and can be played on repeat. The beginning is a tad gloomy but lifts in spirit towards the end. The message I mainly took away from the song is that through loneliness and isolation can come a time of self-reflectance which aids in the emergence of your true self.

Many members of the RV community have tuned into Styles’ new song.

Junior Giuseppe LoDuca, a guitar player for the recent Red Devil Dramatics play, said “It’s a simple but catchy melody, I really like it.”

Others like senior Andrew Brodsky agree.

“It’s a really good song, I don’t listen to him a lot but this is definitely one of his better songs,” he said.

Overall the reviews on the song are pronounced and the enthusiasm for the album is through the roof.

Published almost a week before “As it was,” a video teasing his latest album debuted on YouTube. The album, titled “Harry’s House,” it is expected to drop May 20. In the teaser it starts with clips of nature and the city then cuts to Harry walking onto a stage with a home. Theories have circulated between fans but the answers will be revealed only when the album is revealed.