“Brighton Beach Memoirs” shows intimacy and compassion

The latest production from Red Devils Dramatics steers conversation towards current political tensions


Photo courtesy of Mr. Maniglia

The red cast of the “Brighton Beach Memoirs” which premiered on April 8.

Maggie Blackburn, Assistant Editor, Arts and Culture

Red Devil Dramatics brought “The Brighton Beach Memoirs” to the stage before spring break, and it was an absolute hit.

 The play is a coming of age story that takes place in Brooklyn, New York following a Polish-Jewish teen who journeys to find himself while also navigating his life in a crowded house with family. RV connected the play to the crisis in Ukraine, and 10% of proceeds went to aid and effort in Ukraine. 

The show was double casted, however still a relatively small cast of only 14 members.

“It was tough, and some star RV actors who are typically in the plays and musicals and get good parts weren’t cast,” said director and Theater teacher Mr. Pliskin. “Some joined us as crew, and some decided to not do the project.”

Mr. Pliskin also explained to me that he had always wanted to do this show, he was just waiting for the perfect timing, and right now felt right. 

I went to see the opening show on Friday April 8, and it was outstanding. Of course there were bumps in the road, such as a lamp falling over, however the acting was so professional, and they pretended like nothing happened. The acting level was astronomical and I felt as if the production value was professional. The talent and hard work on stage was definitely apparent.

After the show, I went backstage and was able to talk with some of the cast members.

Junior Kevin Turkheimer, who had just finished his opening performance, said “I think this show had some of the best chemistry.”

Aidan Holmes, junior, and Collin Berkey, senior, were both in agreement that “we never left the stage.”

“RV was lucky enough, even though there were tough restrictions, we never really left,” said Holmes.

Through watching the play, the chemistry, like Turkheimer said, was evident. Even going backstage and seeing the cast doing each other’s makeup and how close they were, it really came through on stage. It didn’t feel like you were watching a play, it felt like you were sitting in their living room with the Jerome family, watching real family interactions. 

At the show it was also announced that the next RV production will be “Elf, the Musical” next fall. I am overall impressed by the performance, and can not wait to see them back on stage in a few months.