Great day for a green thumb: RV’s first Earth Day Festival

RV celebrated Earth Day last week with its first every Earth Day Fest at the RV annex.


Photo courtesy of Instagram

Members of the RV Environmental club prior to the Earth Day Festival last week

Mkenna Wimberly, Student Life Writer

This year, the Environmental Club has hosted its first Annual Earth Day Festival at the RV Annex. With weeks of hard work and planning, the club is giving the community an opportunity to come out to show and share their love for the environment.

Mr. Green, one of the primary leaders of the environmental club, has worked closely with a group of students, as well as Ms. Perkins, to make this day possible.

“The Earth Day festival is an opportunity for the community to come out and learn together about how we can do environmentally friendly things in our own homes,” he said. “Some of the workshops we are going to have are going to be led by our environmental club students. We’re going to have things like paper-making, natural tie-dying, planter painting, and all sorts of things for all ages. There will also be more intense workshops for adults that are looking to do some stuff like sheet mulching, which is learning how to turn a lawn into a garden easily.”

Mr. Green noted the variety of activities for patrons of the festival.

“There will be mushroom log inoculations, chicken keeping 101, worm composting, and things focused on our gardening and sustainable living,” he said. “We’re going to be making a mural painting that day and there will be live music just to bring everyone out to have a day to celebrate the Earth.”

His idea stemmed from a similar event hosted by an organization he previously worked with.

Mr Green “saw something similar to this when [he] was in the National Civilian Community Corps in California.”

I was working with an organic farmer out there and she had a school farm,” he said. “They had a huge community event on Earth Day that was a large fundraiser for their farm and also just an amazing thing to see thousands of people come out to treat the Earth with a little more love. I brought it to this group, and they were on board with it and they’ve been fully committed this whole time.”

“I’m excited for the community to come together and work on getting more publicity for the environment,” said freshman Miracle Brown. “It’s important to spread environmental awareness and to bring the community together through the school.” 

The event itself landed great success, and with the impact the event had on the environment, it provided plenty of health to the Earth along with recognition of several different and unique methods to benefit the earth.

“I’m just excited to see it happen, how people engage with it, and how we can continue to partner with different organizations that are doing awesome work,” said Mr. Green.”We want to see where this goes and try to make it an annual gathering for people to know they can connect with others who want to live lighter on this Earth.”