RV holds first Diversity Job Fair to inspire new applicants

In the interest of diversifying staff to meet student needs, RV invites new teachers to campus


Photo courtesy of Sherm

RV’s administrator Mrs. Scapalleto speaks with a potential candidate

Derek Derienzo, News Editor

Rancocas Valley held its first Diversity Job Fair last Wednesday in the gym to reach out to possible staff about pursuing a job at RV or the other attending schools while promoting staff diversification. 

“What we’re trying to do at RV is expand the pool of candidates that have exposure to our school,” stated Principal Martin. 

The job fair took place in the large gym at RV and lasted throughout the afternoon. There were tables set up from each school attending the Fair to welcome possible job candidates. The possible candidates attending the Fair were welcomed into the Performing Arts Center (PAC) where they received a welcome video and speeches from students, current faculty and administration. 

Each of the tables were socializing and encouraging possible candidates to apply for jobs while moreover scanning through resumes to find the best candidates. 

Principal Martin expressed his support for the Diversity Job Fair, stating, “We’re out there looking for the best teachers… The purpose of any job fair would be to bring in the best teachers for kids.”

Dozens of applicants — both new to teaching and current teachers in the south Jersey area — attended with resumes and letters of recommendation. A number of larger districts in south Jersey, including all five sending districts to RV in addition to Lenape Regional, Cherry Hill, Vorhees and several from Camden were in attendance.

The Diversity Job Fair was unique in that it promoted a higher level of diversity among staff in each school that was represented in the gym.

“We encourage anyone to apply, as long as you’re certified in the area that you want to teach in. We want RV to be an option for you,” Principal Martin said. “We always talk about RV PRIDE…we have diversity of our students; what we want to do is grow our pool of diversified staff. You should have a staff that reflects your student body.”