RV Assassins: the local senior tradition, brought back to life

RV Assassins has commenced for the Class of 2022. But what exactly *is* it?


Photo courtesy of Instagram

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Alexander Pratt, Student Life Writer

It’s that time of year when the sun is out and senior shenanigans are in full swing. One senior event that takes place towards the end of the year is “RV Assassins.” For those who have never heard of RV Assassins before, be assured that there are no actual assassins involved; it is only the name of the game that seniors get a chance to participate in. The goal of the game is to eliminate the target using a water gun or Nerf gun that the event’s organizer has secretly assigned to you.

This year, senior Meghan Sharockman is running the game and instagram account that holds all the rules and coverage. While you are tasked with eliminating someone, someone is also on the lookout for you. This is the case for all of the competitors each year. There are many more rules to the game that can be found @rvassassins22 on Instagram, such as defending yourself, boundaries, orbeez guns, time frames and purge rules, but that is the main idea of it. The game concludes when there is only one person left standing, and this year there are 128 seniors competing for a prize pool of $640.

Returning to the key individual who deserves to be acknowledged, Sharockman, has spent four years on the girls tennis team. In the fall, she will be attending Sacred Heart University.

“It wasn’t so much that I was chosen, it was more that they needed a more organized person to take over it,” she explained when asked why she chose to manage assassins this year. “But I knew I didn’t want to play, so I reasoned that it was still a chance to be involved in the game.”

Assassins was supposed to start a week before spring break, but when Sharockman took over as head of assassins, she chose to start it on April 25.

“The main challenge is dealing with everyone’s problems and concerns,” she said. “Before trying to work things out with each other, everyone comes to me first. But the most difficult aspect is making a decision because most people don’t have video proof, so there’s nothing I can do to help.”

All of the kills are documented on Instagram. When someone pulls their target out, they are usually expected to take a picture of it and submit it to the account to confirm the kill. However, because no high school senior is perfect, disagreements are bound to arise. Sharockman’s work becomes vexing at this point.

F”I think one of the funniest parts of the game is hearing how invested some people’s parents get, because the parents are sometimes more invested than the students,” states Sharockman. “I also think it’s fascinating to watch people’s game plans and dedication. I personally made sure to let my parents know that it was assassin season so they could let me know if they see any shady high school students snooping around the area.”

There have been many instances of assassins camping outside peoples workplaces and following them home. Some people take it more seriously than others.

“The funniest parts in my opinion, are the videos people send in,” Sharockman said. “I think they are super funny for people to watch but they are also super helpful for me if an issue does arise.” 

RV assassins are required to take a one-day break between rounds and on Senior prom, if time allows. On the RV assassins instagram (@rvassassins22), you can keep up with the action and check if anyone you know has gotten out. Keep in mind that this is run entirely by seniors, with Meghan at the lead, and is no way affiliated with Rancocas Valley Regional High School.