The Dobbs v. Jackson leak compromises the integrity of the Supreme Court

The leak regarding the potential reversal of Roe v. Wade set of a chain reaction of protests and concerns about the integrity of the nation’s highest court


Photo courtesy of Wikicommons

The Supreme Court is supposed to be impartial to politics, but recent politicalization of the court has raised concerns

Anjali Darji, Opinions Writer

On May 2, a draft of the Supreme Court Majority opinion for the pending case Dobbs v. Jackson was leaked by the news publication Politico. It came as no surprise to some that the case was positioned to overturn the landmark case Roe v. Wade, which made abortion a constitutionally protected right across the nation almost 50 years earlier. However, due to the three vacated spots on the bench, former President Trump took the opportunity to nominate three conservative justices as replacements. This has caused the favor of the Court to skew in conservative favor.

Leaks from the highest court in the land are rare and the fact that it was a majority decision on one of the most controversial cases ever brought to the court fuels the insanity. The ruling is not official, yet the leak has resulted in marches and protests across the country.

The leak is unprofessional and was done for a strategic reason. The question is who, and why? Was it conservatives to enrage liberals? Was it liberals as a warning? The questioning is endless.

The one question that does have an explanation is answered very simply: yes, the leak compromises the integrity of the Supreme Court. The Court is playing into partisan divides, something that the founding fathers designed the Court to not have.  

Many say that the partisan divide of the Supreme Court is 6:3, conservative to liberal, which is a problem in itself. The Supreme Court “is charged with ensuring the American people the promise of equal justice under law.” It is not supposed to have political bias — the only one of the three branches. It was America’s hope for unity. 

When speaking about politics you may hear things like “Democrats have the White House” and “Republicans have the Senate.” Political parties have had their way with the legislative and executive branches, but justices are not appointed as Democrats or Republicans. Justices are appointed to guard and interpret the Constitution.

Additionally, conservatives and liberals may be divided on the case’s outcome, but they do agree on one thing: the Court’s compromised integrity. 

“Regardless of whether you support or oppose the decision on the draft opinion, the fact that the opinion was leaked before a final decision was even made is dangerous,” said junior Ethan Friedman, a self-proclaimed conservative. “It threatens the integrity of the court, which can result in a breakdown of the judicial process thereby restricting the ability for the court to make decisions.” 

“The leaked Supreme Court ruling is beyond upsetting to me,” said junior and self-described liberal Brenna Delgado. “Privacy is a protected right per the 14th Amendment. A government and court that has previously and consistently protected the peoples’ right to privacy cannot just say ‘never mind’ because they don’t like the way it’s being used.” 

Conservatives and liberals alike agree that the leak is upsetting and has undermined the ethics, morals, and righteousness of the Court. The leak plays into partisan divides and calls into question the Court’s integrity and ability to be fair.