Starter LGBTQ+ shows to binge-watch during Pride month

Looking for some fun shows that reflect issues in the LGTBQ+ community? Check these out.


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Blanca (Mj Rodriguez) and Lulu (Hailie Sahar) in the “Pose” season 3 finale.

Kathleen DeJesus, Arts & Culture Writer

Looking to kick off pride month with a bang? Binge-watch these shows and get transported to multiple worlds filled with love, romance and drama.


The rising star in Netflix’s arsenal, “Heartstopper,” has graced us with a romantic storyline sure to make anyone jealous. The main premise is of two British teens, Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring attending an all-boys school. Before being sat next to each other, the boys were unaware of the others existence but quickly bonded. As their relationship progresses, Charlie starts crushing on Nick but is hesitant because unlike himself, Nick wasn’t openly out. Charlie’s fears are quelled when it’s revealed that Nick feels the same, or even more. It’s a feel good love story that depicts teenage romance with precision. The show already has a rippling effect being released in late April yet it has garnered such a large following.  Even if romance isn’t up your alley you’ll be sure to appreciate the comedic parts. Also fun fact, the show is actually a rendition of a web toon by the same name.


The 2018 drama, “Pose,” has become a cult classic in television, taking place in the 80’s it seeks to place a spotlight on the ballroom scene popularized by Black queer creators. One of the main characters, Blanca, forms a home for LGBTQ+ youths rejected from their families, in which the story picks up with the young dancer, Damon. Damon joins Blancas family where they compete in balls where their looks, dancing abilities and overall attitude are judged and scored. A summary cannot do the show justice as it delves into the AIDS Crisis and the struggles faced by the Black LGBTQ+ community. Pose ended in June 2021, and all three seasons are available on Hulu. “Pose” gives insight on the trendsetters that popularized many modern trends. It is definitely a worthy binge.

“Sex Education”

Another Netflix British hit, “Sex Education,” focuses on awkward Otis as he sets up an underground sex therapy clinic with the help of his classmate Maeve. He uses the advice his mother, a sex therapist, gives him to aid his classmates. The shows depiction of LGBTQ+ teens are refreshing, instead of dealing with the many hardships many face the openly-gay character Eric lives his best life. The show’s diversity in race reflects more accurately modern high schools. Overall, the show works as a commentary of the struggles many have with intimacy. Many fear the vulnerability that comes with romance and commitment, and the show nicely highlights it.

“Queer Eye”

The well known show, “Queer Eye,” is based on the Fab 5, each professionals in their respective fields helping others improve their lives. Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, Tan France and Bobby Berk each have their own special ability in home and human makeover, and with that they aid people in finding their true selves and living their best lives. For them helping consists not only in makeovers but setting up healthy routines and home decorating. The Netflix show looks to realistically better their clients lives by offering manageable routines to bring out the best that person has to offer.


With the increased awareness of the LGBTQ+ communities struggles and successes, expect many shows detailing their stories for the big screen. The community has faced so many barriers when it comes to Hollywood, so seeing them be able rise beyond and make their names known is incredibly important and inspiring.