The case against vaccines

Recent reports confirm that herd immunity is building in young people, so pushing vaccines is unproductive and dangerous


Photo courtesy of (AFP via Getty Images)

An anti-vaccination protester at a rally in California in April 2021

Joseph Klosinski, Opinions Writer

A few weeks ago, the CDC announced that 75% of kids already had Covid-19. Terrifying to some, amusing to others. What was interesting to me was the timing of the story: prior to the news breaking, there was a large push for vaccines. This begs the question, “Why?”

As you might know, medical companies in the US are privatized, and therefore make a profit. They want money, and the government offers the best source of income. A company being subsidized by the government has a continuous cash flow, so they are guaranteed money for their quarterly earnings report. Interestingly enough, there is a monopoly in the vaccine industry. Pfizer is the only company approved to administer vaccines to children under 18. Pfizer pushes the narrative for the necessity of child vaccinations because they have a monopoly on it. If a child gets vaccinated, it is guaranteed money for Pfizer. 

As the vaccine efficacy dwindles, Pfizer scientists made a bombshell statement saying natural immunity offers superior protection relative to their vaccine. This is important because 28% of 5-11 year olds have been administered two shots, as well as 58% of juveniles aged 12-17

People, especially children, have been subject to fear-mongering to get the vaccine, while it is not necessary. Children only made up .00012% of Covid deaths in the US during the first years of the pandemic. The data referenced is from January 2020 to October 2021, which is in the midst of the more lethal Alpha and Delta variants, relative to mild nature of Omicron. England also conducted research which estimated a two out of one million mortality rate

Surviving COVID-19 gives your body antibodies which give the person immunity, then people who survived do not have a need for a vaccine, as they develop natural immunity,” claims sophomore Bruce Archer. “People also argue it’s due to the rapid mutation of the virus causing new strains, but a new vaccine also has to be made to combat this new virus, so a vaccine mandate does not make sense from a biological standpoint.” 

Risks associated with the vaccine in children include heart inflammation. While the cases have been rare, children do push their hearts quite hard. I know as a cyclist, my heart rate can regularly hovers at 190 bpm (beats per minute), or above, which would be the same for other endurance athletes, like runners. My family is already concerned when I mention an abnormally high heart rate reading (from malfunction), and they don’t need another reason to stress about athletics. 

Children shouldn’t be vaccinated against COVID-19 because they are at a low risk. COVID-19 vaccinations do not prevent the spread or acquisition of the virus, so they are not functional. Natural immunity is a proven measure against COVID-19, and a significant portion of children fall under this category. 

Forcing children to be vaccinated against COVID-19 is counterproductive. Natural immunity is superior to the vaccine, as scientists have mentioned. Most children have already been exposed to COVID, so a vaccine does not provide any additional protection. Even so, children are at such a low risk to succumb to the virus, children and families do not have a need this extra stress in these already-stressful times.