“Opening my eyes to many perspectives”: Derek Derienzo, News Editor

I have changed since my freshman year in that the way I think is different. Instead of being close-minded, RV has opened my eyes to many perspectives. I have learned to think logically and to have an individual opinion. At RV I have branched out and talked to new people. I have also learned to manage my time and weigh my opportunities in and out of school. 

My advice to those considering joining the Holly Spirit or incoming students in general: try everything. I even wish I had tried more clubs here at RV and made more connections with peers and teachers. I am not regretful, as I will be leaving RV having made many great friendships and associations with kids and teachers. RV is a great school with countless opportunities. I would advise new students to go out to events and take part in school activities. 

I am happy that I joined the Holly Spirit. I did not think I was going to be in the newspaper when I came to high school and I did not even take journalism before I joined as a writer my junior year. Mrs. Sherman basically forced me to join but it turned out well. I even got an award for one of my articles, something that I did not expect nor did I know existed. I am grateful for Mrs. Sherman, as she has assisted me very much as a student and a person throughout the last couple years. I would like to thank all of my teachers and friends for being supportive and there for me throughout the last four years. 


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