Clubs offer more than just resume-building; they create opportunities for networking and self-fulfillment

Students at RV should take advantage of the plethora of clubs to join


Photo courtesy of French Club

Students in clubs at RV have the opportunity to engage in different experiences, like French Club students who met with a French chef for a private cheese-tasting during French week

Hailey Figueroa, Opinions Writer

Why should you get involved? Most people today would say that joining clubs and getting involved after school is one of the best things about high school. 

But is getting involved really a good thing? Clubs after school take up a lot of time and require a lot of commitment. This leaves less time for homework and academics in general. This could also create more stress for someone who is struggling to keep up. 

While yes, these are all valid things that should be taken into consideration, there is a certain element to clubs that might just make them worth the effort.    

Specifically at RV, there are countless clubs and after school-activities all dedicated to any interest one individual could have. This allows for the development of admirable qualities and interests. Participating in clubs can hone communication skills, foster creative thinking, and teach students how to work effectively. Clubs create a safe place for people to interact with others and share common interests with other individuals. Even those who are not fond of participating can find a club that is relatable to them. 

Most clubs come with a fair share of responsibilities that require a lot of work. A big mistake among students can be signing up for too many clubs. This then takes away from their school responsibilities and can lead to them not meeting the classroom and club requirements. However, an even bigger mistake is not getting involved at all. 

“Well, I think generally speaking, it is, to me, part of your experience,” said Mrs. Donna Aromando, an RV guidance counselor and club advisor for the Fellowship of Christian Students, RV Turning Point USA, Varsity Club, and many other programs. “Whether you’re in middle school, high school, college or the world of work, it brings connectivity, human connectivity in person, meeting new friends and forming new relationships.”

Human connectivity is extremely important in life, and joining clubs is just one good way to form that kind of bond. 

“I think it’s a really important part of being a student at RV,” said Zachary No, a senior at RV. “It’s like that when you want to meet new people and really find the things that matter to you. For me, I came to realize how important the representation service was to my community through the student council, the Lemon Club and just by taking part in so many activities here. Through clubs, I was really able to find a voice and utilize it in the best way possible. Beyond the classroom setting, I think being a part of those clubs gives you the chance to really find who you truly want to be and who you truly are.”

While some students like No seek opportunities for service and networking, others like to join clubs to feel like they are part of something special. 

“I think I mainly joined just to have something to occupy my time with,” said Varsha Patel, a junior at RV. “Now, I feel like it’s just something I like to do for fun and to be engaged with the school community. I feel like it’s really rewarding to be in a club because when that club gets somewhere or does something big and you’re a part of it, it feels rewarding.”

RV has so much to offer when it comes to clubs, and it really can be beneficial to all high school students who join them. Especially for the majority of students who are planning on going to college after high school. Most colleges look at what kind of extracurricular activities students participate in to see what kind of person they actually are. Students should get involved in clubs because they are an important aspect of all lives and result in life-changing opportunities.