Top five love songs for Valentine’s Day

Editor in Chief Roman Pallotto has the tunes to help you celebrate love day

Roman Pallotto, Editor in Chief

Personally, I have heard the same ten love songs on repeat right around this time. These songs always either talk about a breakup and how they were so good together or simply feeling comfortable in their current relationship. While I do recognize that there’s only so much to say about love, these five songs offer more about love through more than just the lyrics. 


Song #1 – “Please Send Me Someone To Love” – Sade

In this track, the phenomenal artist, Sade, questions how even though there’s various problems occurring in the world at the moment, if it would be possible for Heaven to send her someone to love. Not only does she express a need for human affection but her desire for someone to love her demonstrates the high amount of devotion humans have for caring for one another. 

Song #2 – “Make You Mine” – Giveon 

“Make You Mine” talks about the desires the artist, Giveon, has for a certain woman in mind. He craves to be in a relationship with her and is ready for the next step in his life: to stop running away from his feelings. This song piques my interest because in society men do not talk about their feelings often. However, Giveon truly opens up about the emotions he feels in this song and his lyrics display that men should be open about their feelings more frequently because songs like this could be produced. 

Song #3 – “Lovesong” – beabadoobee

Beabadoobee’s discography consists of numerous love songs. Her song quite literally called “Lovesong” is a somewhat basic song about love, but it manages to point that out through the lyric “I guess that this is just another love song about you”. The instrumentation on this song really ties the track together since it creates wonderful imagery as if I could picture a romantic couple having a picnic in the park. It may be lyrically basic for a love song, but its production quality is top tier. 

Song #4 – “In A Good Way” – Faye Webster

In the song “In A Good Way,” Faye Webster explores the complex emotions that couples experience in a relationship. The partner that she is singing about makes her “wanna cry in a good way”. Relationships are entangled with various emotional experiences and Webster exposes just one of them through this track. Even emotions that are recognized as miserable or sorrowful can be expressed in a beautiful way through being in a relationship. 

Song #5 – “We Find Love” – Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar evaluates the realistic ups and downs that come with being in a relationship under the label “right person, wrong time.” He has so much love for this woman who has lost her love for him. To Caesar, love is a cycle from falling head over heels for someone to experiencing extreme setbacks in a relationship and finally giving up. Even though this song is not necessarily a love song, it still expresses the love that Caesar has for this woman which is beautifully sung in this track. 


Hopefully these songs offer some diversity in your Valentine’s Day playlists from the same old songs that have been playing for years. Most of these songs fall under the R&B or alternative genre which to many people are the perfect genres for love songs. I picked most of these songs for the simple fact that they display the complexities that love brings into a relationship with someone rather than simply happiness. Love is a special feeling and I believe these five songs represent that emotion perfectly.