No date for love day? No problem

Spend the day loving family and friends — or yourself — instead of all that romance stuff

Rebecca Walter, Arts & Culture Writer

Every Valentine’s Day, I and everyone else is bombarded with the same content: lovesick couples on romantic picnics or having dinner in nice restaurants. If you don’t have a partner (or have no interest in getting one), this content might serve as an annoyance, but if you’re looking for someone to date, the stream of pictures can be a real dampener on your day. While it might seem utterly miserable to be single on the day of love, it doesn’t negate the ability to do things with friends.

Here’s a list of fun activities to do on Valentine’s Day with friends or family. 

  1. Go to a concert! Chances are, a popular artist is performing on Valentine’s Day. Given our proximity to Philadelphia and New York City, a hall or theater is likely to have an interesting act, whether it be music, dancing, or a play. 
  2. Visit a museum. If large crowds aren’t as pleasant for you, cities aren’t the only places with museums. There are a bunch in the surrounding area that have interesting facts about either the towns they’re in or another niche. The wide variety of museums ensures a good time for those who like history. 
  3. Take a hike. No, seriously; weather permitting, hiking is one of my favorite hobbies. Trees, birds and breezes combine and create the best pastimes in the world. Walks are a great time to have deeper conversations with friends and family, and in the last dregs of winter, a fun source of exercise can be a game changer for mental well being. If you aren’t as outdoorsy as I am, going to a nature center or even sitting outside in some deck chairs is just as effective in soaking up some sun.
  4. Try a new recipe. Not only is there a challenge for yourself in something you’ve never tried, there’s a definite reward in the form of food at the end of the task. RV senior Reilly O’Donnel says about this cooking with friends: “[it’s] a good way to strengthen your communication skills”, and that “anyone can cook on their own, but cooking with someone else takes trust and coordination”. Making and sharing food with friends is guaranteed to create a new inside joke, learn something new, or just have fun. 
  5. Have a self-care day. If all the lovebirds of 2023 crowding your Instagram feed is starting to get to you, do a digital detox and take the day for yourself. Have some chocolate truffles, exercise, or take some time to pursue a hobby. Don’t feel too upset about being single, either; nearly 50% of American adults are either unmarried or not in a relationship.
  6. Babysit! If you still don’t have plans for Valentine’s Day, why not take the night to earn some money? There’s bound to be a couple nearby who’s looking for a sitter while they go out for dinner. If you’re good with kids and looking for some extra money, babysitting could be the answer you’re looking for. And with this newfound cash, make sure to stock up on discounted chocolate and Valentine’s snacks the day after.

There’s no shortage of ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day, no matter who you’re with. Doing things with friends, family, or even alone is a great way to spend the day. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to have fun and stay safe!