Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: wrapped in controversy

A look into the controversy and scrutiny following Meghan and Harry



Prince Harry and Markle in 2018

Glynnis Bastas, Arts & Culture Writer

Over the years, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle have been under the glaring eye of scrutiny of the royal family. Conspiracy after conspiracy regarding Markle’s family and Prince Harry’s life behind the scenes have all been made public. Markle faced prejudice from the royal family over her being of mixed descent, divorced and an actress in the United States before meeting Harry. Let’s dive into the rest of the backlash, and the events that seemed to start it.

In December, Markle and Prince Harry released a new Netflix docuseries titled, “Harry and Meghan,” which talked about their unexpected romance, early childhood memories, Markle trying to adjust to her new life as a royal, combat racism from the other members of the royal family and the future of their roles as royals. Prince Harry also mentioned how through his charity work he wants to carry out his mother, Princess Diana’s legacy.

I wanted to somehow carry my mum’s torch and try and keep her legacy alive and try and make her proud,” he says in the series.

In January, Prince Harry released his memoir “Spare,” in which he discussed his rocky relationship with his family, and his desire to leave Britain because of Markle’s battle with mental health in order to protect her, in fear that history would repeat itself and there would be another situation similar to what happened to his mother. 

Most of the royal family declined to comment on the docuseries with Harry and Markle, however many were taken aback with the Prince’s tell-all memoir. According to insiders of the royal family, Prince William has “felt devastated” and “‘ [is] not ignoring the things his brother has shared…The dust needs to settle, but … this has been food for thought.’”

Many celebrities and fans in America supported the Prince and criticized the royal family. Ava DuVernay, a famous director, even offered to write up a script to address the drama between Harry and his family for the hit TV show, “The Crown.” Andy Cohen, the famous talk show host, offered Markle a spot on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

While the support from America was welcomed, many fans in Britain was unhappy with the memoir, and British talking heads didn’t hesitate to give their opinions on the situation. According to CBS, “Kelvin McKenzie, former editor of one of the U.K.’s biggest circulation tabloid newspapers, The Sun, told CBS News, ‘Some [news outlets] are on your side, some are against you. Get over it. He can’t get over it, so he’s gone to Southern California. Goodbye, thanks very much.’”

Senior Ciara Phillips, also showed criticism towards the royal family.

“I think that the royal family, as a whole, has a lot of controversial history,” she said. “and I also think that there are more deep rooted problems that we don’t know about. Diana, Meghan and Harry were the only ones trying to bring attention to their issues and expose them which is why I give them their respect.”

Overall, the memoir and the TV show both exposed the trauma put on Prince Harry and Markle and showed the public a side of the royal family that has never been seen before. We’re currently waiting to hear more comments from the royal family and England as a whole, but after all this attention from the media, they obviously cannot stay silent for long.