Spoiler alert: “Cocaine Bear” is absolutely terrible

The thing that we all expected about this movie came true and Isaiah Dupree wants his money back

Isaiah Dupree, Managing Editor

Cocaine Bear,” loosely based on the story of a bear that consumed a duffel bag of cocaine in a forest in Georgia in 1985, may be one of the most mind numbingly boring movies I’ve ever seen.

It truly is that bad. I’d give a brief plot summary, but the movie has no plot. The bear just eats cocaine in the forest and kills people. After about 15 minutes the absurdity of the movie stops being entertaining as the movie becomes increasingly repetitive.

Aside from the scene toward the end of the movie in which the bear is shot dead, but wakes up when a brick of cocaine falls from the sky onto its head, the movie isn’t nearly as laughably stupid as you’d expect a movie about a cocaine-junky bear to be. 

Aside from the movie being painfully boring, the movie is also needlessly gorey. Granted, the movie is R-rated, but at times the gore makes the movie unfun to watch. The film’s main antagonist dies when he is disemboweled and two cocaine-addicted bear cubs eat his intestines. Who thought that this was a good idea for a movie? The gore doesn’t even make the film more interesting; you become numb to the shocking nature of it within minutes. Juniors Neel Awsare and Evan Boltniew, who I saw the movie with, began playing chess on their phones halfway through the movie because it was boring them to death. Junior Jackson Beairsto left the theater during the climax because he simply stopped caring.

Honestly, he didn’t miss much. The film had a short post credit scene, but everyone in the theater left before it began because we were all so vexed that we wasted two hours of our time watching such a god awful movie. 

I cannot stress enough how angry I am that I bought a ticket to see this movie. I’m not just disappointed or upset; watching this movie soiled my entire month. Even the chocolate bar I ate during the movie tasted worse because I was eating it while watching “Cocaine Bear.” This movie ruined my life. Would not recommend “Cocaine Bear” to anyone who intends to enjoy themselves, it is truly the worst movie ever.

However bad you think the movie is based on this review, it’s 100 times worse. I really can’t do enough of a disjustice to this movie.