RV hosts second annual Diversity Job Fair

RV welcomes surrounding districts in an effort to increase a diverse teacher workforce


Mr. Maniglia

Prospective teachers chat with RV administrators at the Job Fair

Mya Collins, News Editor

Rancocas Valley hosted its second annual Diversity Job Fair to connect candidates with prospective employers from numerous school districts in New Jersey last Wednesday in the Media Center and Gymnasium. 

The event began as a result of the 2021 Excellence Through Equity Quality Program from Delaware Valley Consortium for Excellence and Equity, and it functioned as a platform to increase representation on the staff level as well as widen the application pool for districts in New Jersey.

“[The review] was really a deep dive of equity for our school district, and one of the needs, which a lot of school districts are going through, is that our staff demographically doesn’t necessarily match our students,” superintendent Dr. Heilig said.

With a large percentage of current staff members being alumni from RV or residents of the five sending districts, the administration also looks to bring back those members of the community to continue to work towards more representation in the staff. 

“I’m here because I used to be an RV student,” current Rutgers student and RV alum Bridget McElroy said. “I hope to land an English job, and I just wanted to check this out because obviously this is my hometown…so I’m just trying to see what the vibes are back home.”

The event was not only hosted to connect educators with potential employers, but the administration also stressed the importance of other necessary jobs in supporting the education system such as counselors and social workers. 

When you see [a teacher] who looks like you, you may be more inclined to feel a connection to this space. It’s important to go out of our way and say ‘Come here, we’re looking for you.’

— RV Director of Curriculum and Instruction Tracy Matozzo

“This is all new to me, so it is a little nerve wracking, but once you get over those nerves it’s always worth it,” current college student and RV alum Samson Sawaged said. “I’m looking for a job in social work, either working with the child study team or just being a school social worker and more so counseling students.”

The Job Fair featured employers from various school districts in New Jersey, and one common reason for attending the event was to emphasize the importance of diversity in the education system and what that means to students.

“It’s very essential that we’re here to represent our district, our culture and to [also] represent the importance of education,” Principal of Greenwood Elementary School Nicole P. Dickens-Simon said. “[We’re here to] hopefully provide different perspectives on professionalism, hiring practices and structural efficacy to all of the new employees that are looking for jobs today.”

“It’s important that we’re here to show our community that there are people that represent the various students that we have in classrooms, and all three of us have our doctorates so that there is African American leadership that is successful in leading our kids into the future,” Principal of Klockner Elementary School Dr. Rashaan Monroe said.

As the RV school district continues this annual event for years to come, it is important to remind ourselves of the importance of diversity in the education system and how the Job Fair provides candidates with a platform to increase representation.

“It’s important to focus on making sure that our staff to the best of our ability can represent our student body [because] representation matters,” Director of Curriculum and Instruction Mrs. Matozzo said. “When you see someone who looks like you, you may be more inclined to feel a connection to this space. It’s important to go out of our way and say ‘Come here, we’re looking for you.’”