Billie Eilish sticks it to the man in new single ‘Therefore I Am’

The pop star has clout and waves off potential criticism in her new song and video


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Glynnis Bastas, Arts & Culture Writer

If you are a fellow fan of Billie Eilish, this new track is a must-have on your Apple playlist (or any playlist, really). We all know about Eilish’s topics in her songs, such as heartbreak, suicide and other mental health issues. But now, she has released a new sound, topping chart after chart with her new hit on experience with body shaming and telling her haters to back off. It is truly an inspiration to teenagers around the globe. Introducing, ladies and gentleman, the new Billie Eilish.

On November 12, 2020, Billie Eilish released her most inspirational, edgy hit single, “Therefore I Am”. It has amassed nearly 50 million views on Youtube, with nearly 4 million likes. In the first verse, she sings about a group of people who are body shaming her, always thinking about how they are “the man, or possibly the ideal human and she’s finally put her foot down, making it clear that she really couldn’t care less what they say.  Eilish doesn’t compare to anyone, and that being on top of the world, having to look a certain way or act a certain way for some people is just an idea, it isn’t a permanent reality, as she stated in the first verse, “Don’t talk ’bout me like how you might know how I feel/Top of the world, but your world isn’t real/Your world’s an ideal.”

According to Billboard Music Charts, “Therefore I Am” is peaking at number two on the Top 100.  In a recent interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, she shares the process of creating the music video. The video is just the way that the song feels to me of just kind of like careless and not really trying,” she said. “I don’t know. The video, we, number one, shot on an iPhone, which we didn’t even mean to do. It’s basically me running through the empty Glendale Galleria eating a donut and a pretzel. That’s literally it. But like random, chaotic, don’t care shit. And it was so fun. We shot it overnight, [and] shot it on an iPhone. We had barely any crew. It was crazy. It was so cray.” 

Eilish seems to be in a category all her own, and comparing her to other female pop stars, like Ariana Grande, is impossible. In Grande’s new album Positions, she tends to flaunt her body, almost Barbie-like, trying to be this exemplary being. She tries to be this sexy goddess, which is proven in her songs “34+35,” “Positions,” and “Nasty.” Grande also has these perfectly-filmed videos, with fun edits and expensive cameras. Eilish is the complete opposite. She literally took one night to film her video and filmed the whole thing on her iPhone. She sings about her body in this single, but she doesn’t show it off. In fact, the whole point of the song is to stop body shaming, to stop people from comparing themselves to someone or something they will never be. She wants her haters to stop making fun of her body image. 

I think the point Eilish is trying to make is screw trying to be perfect or fit in with society’s standards on beauty and  perfection, you should learn to be yourself. Whether it’s as simple as wearing that red lipstick or relaxing in sweatpants all day binging reruns of Seinfeld from 1998, do what makes you happy. In fact, this quote from Eilish’s interview is the icing on the cake. This song ties in with everyday life. There are kids who are bullied every single day of their lives, teenagers who want to fit in so badly that they do whatever it takes to emulate an idea that doesn’t even exist, which is said in verse one of the song, “Don’t talk ’bout me like how you might know how I feel/ Top of the world, but your world isn’t real/Your world’s an ideal.” 

But why do people care about Billie so much? Hell, why does Billie care about us so much? I believe it is because she wants us as people to be better; be better than the  expectations, to be ourselves and help make the world safer and better because we have the opportunity to do it. Eilish was even involved in the 2020 election, encouraging people to vote. She cares about the world she lives in, especially the aspects of suicide, depression, body image, politics, and anxiety. Eilish is an inspiration generation and many more to come because of her confidence in herself, and her identification of teenagers dealing with the trials and tribulations of their everyday lives. 

This song is an inspiration to teenagers around the world, setting an example to be comfortable with your body, regardless of what other people think. Eilish teaches a lesson on self love and respect, and learning how to ignore negativity. It is a song worth listening to and recommending to other people. Therefore, Billie Eilish truly is the man.