Wentz vs. Hurts

Another quarterback showdown for the Birds does little to assuage the fears of Philly fans


Photo courtesy of WikiCommons

Carson Wentz gets sacked in the season opener against the Washington Football team on September 9

Scotty Allen, Sports Writer

Just like in 2018, there is once again another quarterback showdown for the Eagles. Only this one is not after a Superbowl year. It is week 14 the final stretch of the regular season and the Eagles are underperforming with a record of 3-8-1.  They are on the brink of elimination from the playoffs after making them three years in a row.

What has happened? Is it the coaching, the players, injuries, the front office, or the refs? What is the reason for this dramatic drop-off in play?  The front office has made some big moves; they drafted Jalen Reagor from TCU in the first round, then controversially drafted Jalen Hurts from OU in the second round.  Also, they signed Carrson Wentz to a huge four-year $128 million contract.  The coaching has not changed much from last year; Doug Pederson still calls the plays and is the Head Coach (though, he has made some play calls that lost games this season).

There have been many injuries this season, which may have affected play calling and hindering Wentz’s ability to perform well.  Some Eagles fans agree with this. Junior Bryan Villar, a Birds fan, said, “See what Wentz brought the Eagles that 2017 season? The Eagles need to build around him and fix the major issues with their O-line.”  Some believe that Wentz is still the quarterback of the Eagles. But is he worth the money, and can he go back to his MVP-self?

Wentz is in his fourth year in the NFL and should be, by now, a veteran of the game, and be arguably better than his MVP season.  His play has dramatically fallen off; he leads the league in most times being sacked and most interceptions thrown.  

There’s a new face in town, rookie Jalen Hurts, who many now sees as the potential for success.  Some are even calling for Jalen Hurts to replace Carson Wentz.  Sophomore Mikayla Berry says, “The season hasn’t been the best but if we keep Hurts in I think he can put us back on our feet.” 

Jalen Hurts was successful in last week’s loss to the Packers.  Hurts went 5/12 for 109 yards and a touchdown with an int on the final drive of the game.  Compared to Carson Wentz who went 6/15 for 79 yards and no touchdowns and could not drive the Eagles down the field.  When Hurts was on the field, the Eagles were driving and had hope.

Despite these last-minute position changes, many Eagles fans are left frustrated and almost hopeless with the remainder of the season. “I’m frustrated in Carson Wentz, he has the potential to be amazing but has not stepped up his game,” said Junior Paul Zazzo. “I think he needs to be benched for a game or two, though I do not want to get rid of Carson.” 

The Eagles’ front office seems to be in agreement with the fans as for Week 14’s game against the Saints, as it was recently announced that the starter will be Hurts.  For Eagles fans, there seems to still be hope for another Lombardi trophy in the city of Philadelphia at the end of the season, despite a very rocky road ahead.