Spring Drive Playlist

Enjoy a well-crafted playlist for warmer days to come

Dana Taylor, Arts & Culture Writer

It’s spring (sort of…)! And as the weather gets warmer, you’re going to want to go drive around and enjoy the nice days. And of course, you have to have a killer playlist to go along with your main character moment. So take your allergy medicine, put your seatbelts on and turn up this spring drive playlist.

The Holly Spirit’s Spring Drive Playlist


“MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” – Lil Nas X

First up we’ve got arguably the most popular and controversial song on the charts. Its simple and bright instrumentals make it perfect for a drive on a sunny day. 

“Dirty Imbecile” – The Happy Fits

This song has a driving cello note that will keep your head bopping along the whole time. This Jersey-native band captures the desire to just drive away from your responsibilities and reinvent yourself. 

“telepatía” – Kali Uchis 

Alright, I know you perform this song in the mirror, whether or not you absolutely botch the Spanish lyrics.“telepatía” is great for a sunny, windows-down day and not worrying about the car next to you seeing you belt this song at the stoplight. 

“Super Rich Kids” – Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt

If you’re not imagining yourself taking “too many joy rides in daddy’s Jaguar,” then why listen? Frank Ocean’s “Super Rich Kids” gives you a glimpse into the redundant life of a horribly bored rich kid. 

“The Adults Are Talking” – The Strokes

You may have heard this head-bobber on social media recently. Though overplayed TikTok sounds can have a bad rep, this five-minute song is worth every minute of it.

“More Often” – Sam Truth

This tune portrays the regrettable feeling of just going with the flow of everyday life and wishing you could be more yourself.

“777” – Joji

I’ll be honest, I was hesitant to add this song. Joji’s “777” will definitely make you want to “live fast, drive fast, like two-hundred on the dashboard (Oooooh)”

Note: the Holly Spirit NOT responsible for any speeding tickets earned while driving to this song. 

“53.49” – Childish Gambino

Going to work and not really feeling it? This song off of Gambino’s most recent album is the hype man you need. If it doesn’t boost your mood, I recommend reevaluating your entire life (or quitting your job). 

“I’m Amazing” – Omar Apollo

So Childish Gambino hyped you up for work, but you ended up seeing your ex and you had to serve them. You listen to this song on the way back, thinking about those not-so-good old days and remind yourself that you’re glad things are different. 

“Hot Faced” – Margaux

“Hot Faced” is a nice calm song for the end of the playlist and the end of your drive. The slower yet well paced song is perfect for bringing yourself down from “two-hundred on the dashboard” to 25 MPH on the suburban streets of your neighborhood.


This playlist can be found on the Spotify linked above! Let your hair loose and enjoy the rest of the season.