“A necessary break”: RV students prepare for summer 2021

How do students of RV believe this upcoming summer will be?

Tanzim Didar, Assistant Editor, Student Life

Yes, that’s right, summer is right around the corner. If you couldn’t tell by the weather, then you most certainly could tell by the month. June is the first month of the summer season and it’s when beaches get crowded, ice cream gets overly eaten and waterparks parks open up; but, most importantly, students and teachers get a break. With about two months of no school, everyone starts to make plans, whether that be by doing nothing or by creating a summer bucket list.

Summer 2020 was a bit different with COVID-19 restrictions, but summer 2021 will be more exciting. With restrictions being lifted, things are slightly going back to what was normal. Everyone has different plans and things they specifically want to do over the summertime, therefore, a short survey was sent out to RV students asking them what their plans are for this summer. 

But how many kids are truly excited for summer? Is it really something that it’s hyped up to be? With school, everyone has a daily routine and schedule. However, school takes half the day. But without the half, would it still be fun or just boring?

According to a Holly Spirit survey, about 88.2% of RV students are excited about this summer; they either have some super exciting plans they planned for months or they’re simply just excited about sleeping in. Nonetheless, 11.8% of RV students are unsure if they are excited about this summer or not. This could be for many reasons; for example, some students have to start a summer job, some don’t have much to do and or some have to start working on their college essays. 

The amount of things to do over summer is endless. It comes with extra time to think, mature, and prepare. It’s easy to become overwhelmed. Ten percent of RV students envision a happy summer, 6.5% envision a relaxed summer and 5.9% envision a busy summer. Some students also see their summer as “scary,” “boring,” “necessary,” “adventurous,” “eventful,” “memorable” and “vibrant.” All students have different things to look forward to, but it all comes down to the big picture. 

“I’m most excited about not having to worry about finding time in my schedule for things,” said one anonymous response from the survey. “With school, a lot of teachers would assign a lot of work which is difficult to fulfill when I also have a job that I have to go to so I can prepare for college, so finally not having to worry about it whether I have something due by the end of the day is something I’m really looking forward to.”

After nine months of school, a break is undoubtedly necessary. Many other students are looking forward to visiting colleges, having free time, traveling to places like Michigan and Florida, creating more artwork, and attending summer weddings.

The survey revealed a few interesting facts, such as how everyone has similar but distinct plans for the summer. Vacations and gatherings are rising as restrictions are loosened. This school year has been unique and challenging, so everyone deserves a pleasant summer.