The mad dash of Black Friday

Every year the shopping holiday starts earlier and earlier, much to the delight of many shoppers

Emily Haber, Arts & Culture Writer

Black Friday is known as the day where people fight over a flat screen TV, has screams of terror to grab the last Apple watch and the awful long lines to get into Walmart to snatch a PlayStation 5. 

Falling on November 26 this year, many companies started to reveal their annual advertisements well before the super shopping day. Stores such as Walmart, Target and Amazon released their Black Friday magazines in mid-November. Similar to last year, Black Friday is slowly starting to become the whole month of November to lessen the amount of people who come into stores. 

At Walmart you can purchase Samsung Galaxy Buds for $99 and the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum for $144. If you’re looking for a specific technological device or home appliance, Black Friday is the day to purchase it. This year “early” Black Friday sales began online at Walmart on November 3 and in stores November 5. The sales ended on November 29, “Cyber Monday.”

Like many other companies, Ulta Beauty recently released their Black Friday deals early and extended them through the Thanksgiving weekend. 

“I plan on going to Sephora and Ulta,” senior makeup enthusiast Gianna Reyes stated before the Thanksgiving holidy. “I am looking forward to deals on makeup for myself and presents for my friends.” 

Black Friday this year is the time to buy things that you “need” for the holidays as stock limitations have been an issue for the past year and everything is not guaranteed to be on the shelfs. 

Sophomore Dajha Hill was thrilled to go shopping this year with friends. “I am excited for Black Friday shopping this year,” Hill said, “I plan on going to Target and the mall. I am not really looking for anything in particular but I will probably end up buying clothes and Christmas gifts.”

USA Today created a list of the best black Friday deals, featuring the new Apple AirPods Pros on Amazon for $189.99, which saves $59.01. Another good deal is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 from Best Buy for $179.99, saving $220. These are some great savings to look into if those items are on your Christmas shopping list.

Despite the deals and savings, Black Friday seems to be dying ever since Cyber Monday came to be back in 2005. Companies such as Amazon have thrived on this day. Through the years more companies have been encouraging shoppers to shop online instead. Especially with COVID-19, more people spent the weekend after Thanksgiving in the comfort of their homes instead of being in a crowded store or mall.

Sophomore Charlie Risell shopped online last year due to the pandemic. “Last year I did all of my Black Friday shopping online,” said Risell, “It was so much easier than waiting in long lines and going to the crowded mall. A lot of companies also encouraged online shopping as well, and I was able to get all my Christmas shopping done.”

According to Insider, 58.2% of shoppers of all ages prefer Cyber Monday, while the other 41.8% rather go Black Friday shopping. A shocking, 61.3% of Baby Boomers rather shop online during Cyber Monday then head into stores. The statistics are completely flipped for Gen Z as 54.2% would rather shop in person. Overall for all generations, Cyber Monday wins as 58.2% of people rather shop online. 

“I am also going to shop online this year for Black Friday,” Risell said before the holiday break. “I really enjoyed doing it last year from the comfort of my home. I don’t feel like getting involved in the craziness at the stores, and I have already started my shopping since sales have been going on for pretty much this whole month.”

Although Black Friday seems as though it might be dying, there are people still looking forward to the holiday and to start their Christmas shopping.

“Black Friday shopping is a big tradition in my family,” said sophomore Joseph Moses. “We always go to the King of Prussia mall and spend the whole day there. I am excited to go again this year with them.”

Even this writer couldn’t resist the lure of deals on Black Friday. I have been doing it with my mom since I was ten. It has become a tradition that starts up the Christmas season for us. We enjoy shopping together and starting up the Christmas shopping early on — even if the deals are starting right after Halloween.