The Holly Spirit celebrates the Holly-days

A look into how the members of the Holly Spirit are celebrating this holiday season before the new year begins

Alexander Pratt, Student Life Writer

There are many things that usher in the Christmas spirit each year, from the over-the-top Christmas lights to the excessive amounts of eggnog, but the one thing that is guaranteed to let everyone know that it’s time for the holidays is the change of attitude. It gets earlier and earlier each year, but as soon as 11:59 pm on November 30 passes, people go crazy with holiday spirit. The Holly Spirit is full of it and ready to share how they celebrate this magical time of the year.

Everyone celebrates the holidays with their own special traditions. One thing that is present in everyone’s households during the holidays is the gathering of family and friends.

Junior Glynnis Bastas, an Arts and Culture writer, clarified perfectly what it’s like being around family during the holidays. “The holidays, to me, mean being surrounded by my family and friends, telling stories, staying up until two in the morning playing charades, and kicking butt in blackjack.” Christmas is the perfect way to bring people together every year and have a fun time surrounded by family.

When the Holly Spirit was asked what they were thankful for during the holiday season, many different things were mentioned. Man’s best friend was mentioned many times, like when junior Rebecca Walter, a News writer, shared “My dog. If I didn’t have to walk my dog I’d be getting zero exercise.” Sophomore Tra’Sean Nichols, an Arts and Culture writer, said, “I am most grateful for my dog and family.”

To some people, the holidays mean a chance to relax and celebrate their free time. Senior Monica Mulhern, a Student Life Editor, said “I’m most grateful for free time, it provides so much for me to do, whether it be college applications, bonding with family, time for me to do what I like to do; when you’re constantly busy, it’s always nice to have some time to settle down a bit.” Life is busy enough, even trying to prepare for the holidays, Christmas day can be a stressful task within itself. The downtime that the holiday season grants is good enough to celebrate by itself. The most popular subject the Holly Spirit is grateful for is the time they get to celebrate with their families. 

Family is always a good aspect for Christmas time, but for many, the smells and tastes that accompany the holidays is its own reason to celebrate. A staple for the Christmas season is cookies. The Holly Spirit is a big fan of them; Maria Hickman, a Managing Editor, said “We have a cookie competition where we all bake a different cookie and try them all and vote on the winner.”

Many families gather around the dinner table to feast on a big dinner, like junior Antonio Conover, and Arts and Culture writer, and his family. “A large dinner, almost thanksgiving like the night of Christmas,” Conover responded. The top five most voted family foods for the holiday season are, in order: cookies, bread/dinner rolls, pie, potatoes and salad.

The extended time off from school, the family gatherings and the immense amounts of food is the perfect combination for a magical holiday break. Christmas time can get very complicated and stressful sometimes, but many people find value in the simple things during Christmas time.

Ella Ruminski, an Editor in Chief, summed up perfectly the humble simplicity of what Christmas is all about, “We move a pickle ornament on our tree.”

From the Holly Spirit family to yours, Happy Holly-days!