Shah Rukh Khan’s impact on Bollywood

The Bollywood star continues to inspire another generation of fans


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Khan in the 2010 film “My Name is Khan”

Shreya Darji, Arts & Culture Writer

Bollywood is a multi-billion dollar film industry, centered in India. Known for its catchy songs, dancing and dramatic plots; the film industry beginning in Bombay (Mumbai) has branched out to global audiences. Bollywood rivals Hollywood in the sheer number of films produced as one of biggest film industries in the world. Just as Hollywood does, Bollywood also houses big actors and actresses with large fan bases; such as Aamir Khan, Priyanka Chopra, and of course Shah Rukh Khan.

 Shah Rukh Khan (SRK), nicknamed “King of Bollywood,” has been a constant force and star in the Bollywood community. From starring in classic big bollywood movies such as “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham” and “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” to having his own special with David Letterman on Netflix, he’s a widely known name to people even outside of Bollywood. His audience is an estimated 3 billion people. 

Debuting in Bollywood in “Deewana,” directed by Raj Kanwar in 1992, Shah Rukh has been on Bollywood screen ever since appearing in blockbuster action films to romantic comedies. 

He has won many awards and titles such as “France’s Knight of the Legion of Honour” and the title of “Datuk in Malaysia.” Filmfare, Zee Cine and IIFA have all given him the award for best actor numerous times.  

 “Chennai Express (2013),” played at Students helping India’s movie night on December 9, also had SRK as the main male role, Rahul. SRK was starring opposite Deepika Padukone, the main female role and star in Bollywood. The movie was lighthearted and comedic, as noted by Ajiahna Ganney, a freshman student at RV.

“I really enjoyed the movie,” she said. “I really liked how it was like funny in the beginning and then it got really serious at the end. He’s a really funny and comedic actor.” 

Shah Rukh is not only an inspiration to audiences, but to actors also. comments on his impact during their article on the impact on other stars, “It’s not just the Bollywood industry but actors from small screens are also in total awe of this superstar who despite being an outsider became a face of Indian cinema.” SRK was an “outsider” due to his family not being already in the film industry and coming from an ordinary family from India. Many families that are extremely successful in India have existing family members in the industry. 

“Red Chillies Entertainment” is a film studio, distribution company and visual effects studio, founded by Shah Rukh and Gauri (his wife) Khan in 2002. It’s an extremely successful studio producing movies such as “Diwale (2015)” and upcoming movie “Jawan (2023).”  Shah Rukh has made an impact by not only acting, but as the one of the founders of a production company. 

Shah Rukh Khan has been making steps to change India and the world as a whole. La Trobe University touches on this when they say, “A passionate activist, Mr. Khan has used his global profile to champion change through campaigns such as Pulse Polio and the National AIDS Control Organization. He’s on the board of directors of India’s Make-A-Wish Foundation and in 2011, he received UNESCO’s Pyramide con Marni award for his charitable commitment to provide education for children.”   

He also helps India through his NGO, the Meer Foundation, created by Khan to help acid attack survivors in India and empowers women. It’s clear that Shah Rukh Khan has not only made his impact known to India, but for the globe.