Lack of sporting events at RV creates a lack of social opportunities

Missing out on sporting events means more than missing out on a game


Abigail Hoagland

Fans at sporting events — like these Devil Dash participants waiting to begin — are becoming a thing of the past

Adrienne Austin, Sports Writer

For some people, it is the love of the game; for others, it is being surrounded by peers or being a part of a team. Whatever the reason is, many students can agree that going to a sporting event is a positive and exhilarating experience. Unfortunately, students are no longer able to take part in this experience due to the new Covid-19 protocols.   Students are no longer able to gather in large groups to watch football games and other sports events. This can greatly impact their mental health and their ability to make new friends.

High school is an opportunity to meet and connect with new people. Sporting events play a key role in this. Experiencing being surrounded by people and celebrating plays a huge role in someone’s emotional well being. Having the ability to connect with a community of peers and socialize with them is an important part of the high school experience.

It also provides the social skills they can use during their future endeavors.  Freshman Cienna Tenn agrees that sports events are important. “It’s important to go to games,” she said. “[It] is a time to socialize and make new friends.” Going to these after school activities are important to many students’ well being. 

Without the opportunity to make new friends, many students, especially freshmen, may have a harder time in school. Many students rely on friends for assistance on projects or school assignments. Without having the ability to meet new people, students may feel alone at school. 

Freshman Mylee Lafferty was very “upset and disappointed” when she realized she was going to miss out on all of the new opportunities. “I wanted to make new friends,” Lafferty said. This missed opportunity can be the cause of many students not gaining the social skills that they need. 

Being stuck at home limits students from spending time with each other and forming needed connections. This is limiting students from forming social skills needed for future jobs. Google meets and FaceTime help to fill the void created by Covid-19, although that does not compare to in-person interactions.  Students can now only hope for a better future as they look forward to what 2021 holds.